Thursday, July 19, 2007

Proctor and Farnsworth on the Market

The Yankees won their 5th straight last night and moved 7 games back in the American League East and 6 games back in the AL Wild Card.

With the Yankees recent charge they are looking at their options available for upgrading the team. The most glaring need is in the bullpen where Kyle Farnsworth, Scott Proctor, and Brian Bruney have all been erratic at best.

The new idea the organization has is to look to deal these relievers to upgrade the offense. They would then look to upgrade the bullpen from within by calling up Sean Henn and Chris Britton. There is also the possibility of adding Eric Gagne from the Texas Rangers to replace enigmatic Farnsworth as the setup man.

While the most glaring need this season on offense has been at first base the productivity Andy Phillips has been providing lately has made the position a little less significant. Last week the Yankees may have had a chance to pull the trigger on a deal that would have sent Proctor to Oakland for Dan Johnson according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Yankees probably took one look at Phillips’ numbers (has hit safely in 12 of last 13 games) and decided the move wasn’t worth it.

"You have to give him credit. He's helping us offensively; he's helping us defensively. He's worked his tail off and it's nice to see. It's a nice story,” GM Brian Cashman said in the Journal News. He didn’t exactly say that Phillips’ job was safe adding, “If I run into anything that makes sense and makes us better, I'll pursue it. But he has the position and he's doing a nice job."

The deal the Yankees are paying most attention to now would be for utility man Wilson Betemit. Last year they failed to get Betemit from the Atlanta Braves at the deadline and they are still interested in him now. The Dodgers have a need for bullpen help since Chad Billingsley has moved to the rotation. Though they apparently are not too impressed with what the Yankees are offering.

Along with these possible moves the Yankees continue to search for an upgrade behind the plate over Wil Nieves. Mark Teixeira will also be on their radar up to the deadline.

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