Monday, July 16, 2007

Now Batting For The Red Sox Alex Rodriguez?

Four years ago Alex Rodriguez was traded to the Red Sox only to see the deal nixed by the Players Association, but after this season Boston may finally get their man.

Apparently the Red Sox team President Larry Lucchino has never stopped wanting the biggest star of the Evil Empire and has envisioned him in Boston ever since the deal fell apart.

"Lucchino has never stopped wanting him," a source told the Daily News.

The biggest hurtle for any team who wants Arod in their lineup next season is the money. If he stays on the Yankees he will earn at least $91 million over the next three seasons and it is safe to assume that in order for him to opt out of his contract he will want at least about $30 million per season over about four to six years.

This number is a number even the Yankees would blink at, but it may not be an issue for the large market Red Sox. After this season they will be saving $31.5 million when Curt Schilling ($13M), Matt Clement ($9.5M), and Mike Lowell’s ($9M) contracts come off the books.

Also by signing Arod there would be less of a need for slugger Manny Ramirez who will be a free agent after the 2008 season. That would be an additional $20 million a season they could invest in the Yankee’s slugger.

For now Alex is content with being a Yankee, but after the numbers he has put up so far this season it is hard to imagine him not opting for free agency. The Yankees have let it be known that they are willing to negotiate an extension (even in-season), but should he opt-out first in an attempt to gain leverage they will be moving on.

By the way the last Scott Boras client who opted out of a big-term contract now plays right field for the Red Sox, JD Drew.

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