Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Celebration for Super Bowl Champs

The skies were gray, but the streets were blue as people were packed into the Canyon of Heroes for New York City's first ever football ticker-tape parade.

It was unseasonably warm, so there was no mistaking the tons of paper for snow, but it covered the streets all the same.

The fans jockeyed for position as close to the floats as possible and went crazy as the Super Bowl Champion Giants returned to their home town. The team was introduced in front of City Hall by the radio voice of the Giants, Bob Papa. With fans anxious to hear from their idols the players took their places on the stage. Eli Manning and Michael Strahan followed, carrying the Vince Lombardi and NFC Champion trophies before taking their place in the front row next to coaches and Whoopie Goldberg.

It might have been Manning who lead the forth quarter drive that won the big game, but it was Strahan who lead the rally in downtown Manhattan.

“We went on the road and we beat the Patriots. Do you know how we did it?” said the 6-foot-5, 255 pound Strahan before sending himself airborne. “We stomped them out!”

During his speech the 36 year-old Strahan responded to cheers of “One more year,” with a coy, “We'll see.”

After Strahan's impressive performance Manning came to the podium to chants of “MVP.” Shy as ever, Manning needed help from Mayor Michael Bloomberg who came up and adjusted his microphone as he spoke.

Admittedly intimidated following Strahan, Manning declared, “We play football in the greatest city in the world.” The Louisiana native continued, “Y'all deserve the best football team in the world.”

It was a celebration that wasn’t supposed to happen. The New England Patriots were heavy favorites going into the Super Bowl, with fans holding signs like, “18-1,” and, “19-D’oh,” everyone was fully aware of the Patriots failed attempt at history.

“I've had goosebumps so many times in the past week.” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin who reflected on the game with his own amazement. “I've come to think it's normal.”

The fans weren’t the only ones happy to point out New England’s frustration. “Take that Boston,” said Governor Elliot Spitzer as he came to the podium.

Bloomberg, a Massachusetts native, also added a backhanded remark of his own. “The Giants may not be perfect, but then, no one is,” Bloomberg said. “At least not this year in the NFL.”

Ultimately each speaker spent most of their time praising the Giant’s triumphant effort. “They never say die and they always use their heads,” said Spitzer. “David Tyree showed us that.”

As part of the celebration each of the Giant’s players were announced on stage and were given keys to the city from Bloomberg. Afterwards the players showed their gratitude.

“On behalf of this team I wanted to tell you how proud we are to bring a championship to New York City,” said Manning.

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