Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yanks and Arod Finalize, Bond with Boras Soured

The Yankees and Alex Rodriguez, who managed to keep his name off the Mitchell Report, finalized their 10 year $275 million agreement which could be worth $305 million if all bonuses are met.

The process of reaching the agreement may have soured a 16 year relationship between Arod and his super-agent Scott Boras.

On a conference call heard here, Alex described the events to the media.

“The whole thing was a mistake, it was a huge debacle,” said Rodriguez. “For me it was a very stressful. I knew what I wanted from day one. The mistake I made was not calling Hank and Hal (Steinbrenner) from the get go.”

Arod said his intentions were always to return to the Yankees, but was mislead by his agent, Scott Boras, into thinking the Yankees were never interested in him. After realizing things didn’t add up Alex interjected his voice into the conversation. “When I realized that my goals were out of line that is when I realized that I had to make my voice heard and that is when I called Hank and Hal.”

The three time MVP said that there were preliminary offers from other teams, but that he turned them all away because his goal was to remain a Yankee.

Rodriguez has been keeping his distance from Boras and claims to have only talked to him once because, “I was very angry about the entire situation.” He has not fired Boras, but sees no further need for his services. “I signed a 10-year deal when it’s over I’ll be 42-years old,” said Rodriguez. “I don’t think there’s going to be anymore baseball after that.”

Even if you don’t believe Alex is innocent here he did reach out to the Steinbrenners and he is going to be in pinstripes for the next 10 seasons. The Yankees expect those years to be monumental and so does Alex. He seems hungry for a World Series ring and he has plenty of incentives for homeruns. He will get a $6 million bonus for each homerun numbered 660, 714, 744, 762, and 763. The Yankees have the best third baseman in baseball and maybe the best player in history, because of that I’m willing to take him at his word. Yankee fans should be looking forward to the next ten years.

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