Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gagne to NY?

The Yankees have reportedly been keeping tabs on Ranger’s first baseman Mark Teixeira, but there may be another reason they have been keeping scouts in Texas.

It is no secret the Yankees like the all-star first baseman though they have probably seen enough of him to know that. It is the former Cy Young award winning closer Eric Gagné who the scouts are turning their attention towards.

The Yankees have learned that they are 1 of only 12 teams in baseball which Gagné can be acquired without his consent according to On top of that they are just 1 of 3 teams he cannot veto a trade to that have the money and desire to add the closer. The Mets and Angels are rumored to be the other two.

Another thing which works to the advantage of the Yankees is Gagné’s contract. The Texas closer will receive $6 million base pay plus incentives based on appearances which total to a possible $5 million more. While this may alarm other teams it should not scare away the Yankees who went after Bobby Abreu for the tune of $16 million at last years trade deadline.

Other teams with the money and the need for a top-of-the-line closer are the Indians, Phillies, and Tigers, but these teams are now aware that in order to acquire Gagné he will need to waive his no-trade clause. This may be enough to keep these teams from going after pitcher and may weaken the market for him.

Gagné, who has undergone surgeries to his elbow and back last season, has been on the disabled-list twice already this year. When he has been healthy this season he has been un-hittable. In 19 appearances he has compiled an ERA of 0.50 and is perfect in 7 save opportunities.

The Yankees certainly have the need for the bullpen help as theirs ranks 9th in the American League and setup-man Kyle Farnsworth has been unreliable.

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